OS ep 47 – Taylor Ellwood – Manifesting Wealth

Magical Identity
This episode of the Occult Sentinel podcast features Taylor Ellwood. He was one of the first guests on the podcast back in 2008. On this episode of the show he discusses his new book on manifesting wealth and an upcoming release which is an evolution on his older pop culture magick book. I hope many of you find this inspiring because I did. We don’t necessarily need to hold on to our counter cultural ideals and be poor in order to be empowered magical people. Poor also doesn’t necessarily need to mean financially poor. There are many ways in which people can be poor including a terrible work life, Interpersonal relationships and poor play life.

I hope you enjoy this episode of Occult Sentinel Podcast and share it with your friends!

Manifesting Wealth: Magic for Prosperity, Love & Health
Magical Identity
Pop Culture Magic
Immanion Press

manifesting wealth

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OS ep 46 – Philippa Rees – Involution

Involution Cover
Philippa Rees and host Joe Moore have a deep dive into Philippa’s book. South African and British narrative poet Philippa captures the beauty of the subject in wonderful prose. The concept was sparked by an unexpected and uninvited mystical experience followed by decades of revisions of the book. I loved interviewing Philippa and really want to know what the audience thinks. A few of my friends and family can expect a gift copy of this book in the near future.



Philippa Rees wrote a book that is a rarity: it is on a controversial, actually hair- and eye-brow-raising subject, and it is totally sincere.  And totally insightful. If you the reader are as brave as this author, you are in for a fantastic ride.  Getting close to science as well as to God at the same time.  That’s no mean feat. Enjoy the ride – and the light! (Dr. Ervin Laszlo)

Philippa’s Website



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