OS ep 49 – Kilindi Iyi – The Mushroom and our trans-human future

In this episode we discuss new and interested approaches to interacting with the mushroom, ancient origins of practices, courage, starting small and much more.

Kilindi Iyi on FB
The First Detroit Entheogenic Conference Group (Oct 31, Nov 1+2 2014 in Detroit, MI)

http://youtu.be/kZHHQQViDuoKilindi Iyi

Kilindi at the Telluride Mushroom Festival 2014

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OS ep 48 – Maraya Karena – Collapse of the New Age, Cyborg Anthropology and Mystic Permaculture.


Maraya’s Main site

We go all over the map with this interview. I loved recording with the fascinating and powerful Maraya and hope to do it again in the near future. Check out the links below for information on what we discussed.

Sorry for the audio quality. It does get better after a minute or two. The recording device was slamming the limits for the first minute of recording, but I was able to catch it shortly after it kicked off.

Cyborg Anthropology

Shit new age girls say – Maraya speaks.

Student of Process Work.
We even dig into Soul Retreival and possible dynamics of reincarnation.

The Maraya Karena Show – YOUTUBES

Mystic Permaculture Project

Nick Meador – Twitter Reality Sandwich

Evolver Boulder


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