OS ep 28 – Genesis Generation, A new culture with Lorenzo Hagerty

On this show we discuss the weather, Lorenzo’s new book ‘The Genesis Generation’, mystical pursuits, the occult, our hopes for the tribe, and some other fun stuff.




http://www.lorenzohagerty.com/  – soon to be up and running


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One Response to OS ep 28 – Genesis Generation, A new culture with Lorenzo Hagerty

  1. I listen to 4 basic genres of podcasts; occult, visual arts practice, paranormal and history. There is such a strong parallel between these subjects especially the occult/magic/psychotropic/mysticism and paranormal threads, but I have yet to see them synched tighter together. I would love to hear a Tibetan monk talk about UFO theory and how it would relate to the maps of altered meditational consciousness. The guy your guest was trying to remember was I believe Whitely Strieber.(his wiki entry is pretty good) He has his own podcast http://www.unknowncountry.com/dreamland/
    The law of Bob(Wilson) I employ while treading these waters. A story ‘s value in its usefulness not in its truth.

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