OS ep 26 – Magic, Duality, and the Abyss

In this episode, Greg of OccultofPersonality.net and Father Anthony Silvia of the Apostolic Johannite Church speak together on location at the Theosophical Society of Boston’s facility about Magick, goals of Magick, Thelema, non-duality, holy madness, spiritual practices, and much more.
I hope you enjoy it!
You should also check out Greg’s new site, his membership section is online finally, and there is lots of great stuff there, including an interview with me!


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2 Responses to OS ep 26 – Magic, Duality, and the Abyss

  1. braha_kahn says:

    Piety that everyone is so reluctant against entheogens and the like… For me they played a big part in opening my eyes to the things I didn’t see before I engaged in those practices… Those times I did entheogens in a ritualistic settings I had very powerfull experiences… They changed me from a materialistic agnostic to a eurm what should I say? A seeker? Yes I think that is a fitting description…

    Anyway… I really enjoy your podcast and I’m looking forward for the next episode!

    Best of luck,

    ps: my apoligies for my crappy english 🙂

  2. Joe says:

    Hi Braha, Thanks for the wonderful comment, I appreciate you spending time to share your thoughts with us. A seeker is a fitting way to describe the transition!
    Joe M

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