OS ep 24 – Legba and Critical Mass – Andrieh Vitimus

Today on the show we have a return guest. Andrieh Vitimus. He is the author of Hands on Chaos Magic. He is here to share with us some news about his upcoming event Critical Mass. We later discuss Papa Legba. Peter Carol, the chaos magic paradigm, and much more!Leave me some comment love.

Critical Mass



IOT – North America

Signed copy of Hands on Chaos Magic

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6 Responses to OS ep 24 – Legba and Critical Mass – Andrieh Vitimus

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  2. Ricardo Santos says:

    Hi from Portugal

    Great Podcast..and great guest

    keep the good work…

  3. Constant John says:

    Thank you for broadcating this podcast, I found it hugely illuminating. I am involved in group work that is almostly exclusively practical and I really felt that Andrieh Vitimus came across as a real master.

    Many thx

  4. mathstos says:


  5. mathstos says:

    most magical indepts follow others visions and with little heart see and feel what they create from the backs of the past not from what is ,most are not real anyways.
    true magic must be aligned withhearts true love or it is not magic at all.depth ,power ,love,freedom and no dogma dicks especialy christian ignor-existence

  6. Austin says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast. However, I do have one small thing I’d like to point out. John Dee was alive during Elizabethan times, not Victorian (about 300 years apart).

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