OS ep 18 – Clint Marsh – The Mentalists Handbook

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On this episode, I speak with Clint Marsh. He is the author of the Mentalist’s Handbook. We speak for a while about esoterica, his youth, how the book got it’s start, and many other topics.

Here is a breif bio, from Amazon.com

“Clint Marsh is a writer and publisher of practical esoterica. Aside from The Camelopard – the pamphlet series that inspired The Mentalist’s Handbook, Marsh’s publications include Goblin Proofing One’s Chicken Coop, On Gnoming (A Pocket Guide to the Successful Hunting and Cooking of Gnomes), and Wandering Wizards Welcome (By Appointment). He has served as the consulting editor for Jeff Hoke’s Guide to Lost Wonder series and as the American publisher for Phooka, The Journal of the Overland Mallet Club. He holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Iowa and lives in Berkeley, CA where he distributes his works through Wonderella Printed.”

Opening Song thanks to Wellman, the song is called “gros bon angle pop mix”


Closing Song thanks to Dj Blue, that song was called “Mind Field”


Links –
Jeff Hoke

Wonderella Press

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3 Responses to OS ep 18 – Clint Marsh – The Mentalists Handbook

  1. IAO131 says:


    I thought Id let you know about my new book Naturalistic Occultism that was just released:


    Naturalistic Occultism is an attempt to treat the phenomena of occultism with an eye of naturalism (i.e. not supernatural), science (i.e. based on empirical evidence), and pragmatism (i.e. what works is provisionally ‘true’). It is largely a continuation of the ideal of Scientific Illuminism as expressed by Aleister Crowley in his motto “The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion.” This book seeks to separate the gold of occultism from the dross of superstition and dogma.


  2. Roland Ansgar says:

    I suggest you dump the music in the background. It interferes with understanding you and the guest. And learn to speak up, please.

  3. Joe Moore says:

    Hi Roland, I’ll think about it. Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

    IAO, thanks for the post. A while ago in a blog or forum post you said you may not want to be on the show again, let me know if you change your mind πŸ™‚

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