OS ep 15 – Andreih Vitimius – Hands on Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current

On this episode of, Andreih and I speak all about Voodoo, Chaos Magic, magical cooperation, secrecy, initiation, morality, the dangers in Haiti, the foreseen future hard times, and many other things that may be of interest. Andreih has a great perspective on the usefulness of practial magic, and that to me is what really proves to be the  primary thing of import on this episode. You aren’t going to do much magic or penetrating the mysteries if your begging for food, and aren’t in a stable life situation.  I hope you all like it! Give me some comment love. Thanks to the recent commenters, they had some very interesting points, I’ll try to respond soon if I have the time.

Andreih’s website

The book on Amazon.com

Chaos Magic: The Misunderstood Path by Andreih

Haitian Voodoo wiki

 Voodoo wiki

Voodoo in Togo

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7 Responses to OS ep 15 – Andreih Vitimius – Hands on Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current

  1. Tim says:

    I always look forward to and enjoy your show. Thanks very much
    for all the time and effort. Much appreciated. Keep ’em coming!

    Also, there’s a great book concerning Haitian Voudoun that was
    written by the filmmaker Maya Deren, published in 1953. It’s
    entitled, ‘Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti’. Highly

  2. FractaLove (Jon is my normal name) says:

    Keep up the great work. I really enjoyed this show, and I hope you continue to create more.

    This work is bringing a fascinating listening experience to my morning cleaning sessions! ;P

    Haha, seriously though, I really appreciate this service you are providing, and I hope you can let Andrieh know that I purchased his book, Hands on Chaos Magick: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current, after hearing this podcast.

    So, not only are you reaching out to a bunch of listeners, but you’re also helping publicize the excellent guests you’re interviewing.


  3. Aaron says:

    Really enjoyed this podcast. Thanks for making this and all the others.

  4. md says:

    where is my little bambino for the last 2 months?

  5. Joe Moore says:

    little bambino? lol. i’ve been quite busy with weddings, my summer, trying to do home improvements, etc. Excuses galore! I’ll try to get some more shows up for ya’ll soon.

  6. Constant John says:

    great show, so good i bought the book, many thanks

  7. Bokeh says:

    Thanks for the show Joe!

    What was the music track closing this episode?

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