OS ep 13 – Frater W.I.T. Advanced Enochian Magick

On this episode I speak with Frater W.I.T about his new book Advanced Enochian Magick. We discuss his background, dangers of enochian magick (none), preperation for enochian magick, Victorian Magicians like Paul Foster Case, other Golden Dawners, the importance of studying/practicing in a group as well as a whole host of other things. Near the end I read a profound excerpt from his first book in which he has a fascinating experience with the king of air.

Frater W.I.T. has been involved in the study and practice of the western occult tradition for more than twenty years. He has received initiation in two schools of the mysteries, one Masonic and the other Rosecrucian. The main thrust of his work is to develop new methods of ceremonial magick. He has been featured on Occult of Personality Podcast, as well as Thelema Coast to Coast, in which he spoke about his first book, enochian initiation.
Review of Enochian Initiation

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Enochian Initiation on Amazon.com

Advanced Enochian Magick on Amazon.com

Frater W.I.T.’s computerized Grimoire

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8 Responses to OS ep 13 – Frater W.I.T. Advanced Enochian Magick

  1. wyth says:

    Don’t worry too much about a lack of comments. People who are interested in topics like consciousness exploration tend to be interior and reflective by nature; they (we) may not be ready to jump right out in public with a pronouncement about some of these subjects when we’re not quite sure if we have as thorough a grip on the material as we would like — especially following on from some of the great guests you’ve had recently. Besides, the download numbers speak for themselves.

    I’ve heard Frater W.I.T. speak a few times about the debate on whether angels & demons are real entities accessed through ritual or manifestations of consciousness. Although I’m no where near a practitioner — I’m just a dilettante with eclectic interests — I never get tired of that debate.

    One thing that I’m not so clear on, though: Whether you’re engaging a manifestation of consciousness or a real entity, what’s the difference once you get to that point? Couldn’t messing something up with a manifestation of consciousness do as much or possibly more damage than a real entity (and vice-versa)? After all, a real entity is external to the subject, and a manifestation of consciousness IS the subject.

    Always enjoy the music selection as well. You keep changing things up nicely.

  2. Joe Moore says:

    Wyth thanks for the comment. I see what your saying about the reclusive nature, that happens. In these wacky times, and in this quest for a sort of wholeness, community matters, and “finding the others” (T.McKenna) is important.

    Trying to figure out if these things are real or unreal is fun (I try to bring it up frequently) but not really productive. Even people who have been playing/ working in this realm for more than 20 years still are not sure how to describe the metaphysic of such entities. Thinking about them as dangerous may be a bad way to look at them, just my pov.

    I’ll try to get into it on the show, hopefully some one gets mad, and writes in and we can start a debate.

    I’m glad you like the music. SHERPA is always a treat. I like this new East North stuff. Its pretty cool, and have a nice vibe.

    Thanks again for the comment.

  3. Terry says:

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the show. I listened for the first time today after finding you from the Thelema Coast to Coast site. I really enjoyed the Frater W.I.T. interview, not only the Enochian work, but also just listening to how other people progress and find thier paths through thier Magickal work. I will, be listening to the previous interviews in the coming days. The related links are really of interest too.

    As far as the debate regarding the source of experienced entities goes I’m still on the fence. Having studied spirituality at an early age then academic psychology for years before returning to spirituality my only conclusion is that each person’s ‘reality’ is valid for them. To try to untangle our internal and external worlds or even identify where each starts and finishes is an impossibility. But that’s my ‘reality’ and I respect whatever others feel.

    Thanks again


  4. Pisc says:

    “People who are interested in topics like consciousness exploration tend to be interior and reflective by nature”

    nice prose. (by wyth, above)

    Point is, it’s true , I normally would have simply listened and contemplated ,researched) etc. But I was stimulated to comment by your mention of the lack of comments.
    This is not the first podcast I have listened to and enjoyed. And I’m confident that my one comment probably represents several listeners of a more “watery” nature .

  5. Pisc says:

    J.A. Newcomb said in an earlier (?) podcast that he was getting good results from Enochian magic, Frater W.I.T. , in this podcast, states that he is getting better results than any other system, Crowley in , ‘Magic and Theory and Practice’, strikes his own awe at the system, suggesting other magic requires skill, while this requires prudence ( ostensibly because of it’s power), and you ,in both this podcast ,and the one with Newcomb ,suggest you have experience with this system.

    Two questions that Socrates might not ask directly:

    1. Does the supposed, intimated, “power” of this system draw people who want quick results without wanting to do real work or gain real understanding?


    2. If this system is really more powerful, and if one system can really be much more powerful than another, doesn’t this lend credence to the theory that “other” consciousnesses are actually being evoked/invoked , and not just aspects of the human magician himself?

  6. Frater C says:


    Thank you very much for the spiritual service you are performing.

    Good karma you are creating πŸ™‚

    Are these beings external or internal?

    Personally, I don’t think that one is allowed to say that they are internal until one is able to walk on water.

    When one is one with the Universe, then one can say “it’s all in my head”.

    Until then, one is still living in the maya – the land of polarity.

    My cats are not projections of my mind πŸ™‚

    If I was a “Buddha (permanent realization that I & the Universe are One)”, then I could say that they are.

    But I am very very far away from being a “Buddha”.

    Keep up the Good (Great) Work πŸ™‚

    Frater C

  7. Joe Moore says:

    Terry Pisc and Frater C, thank you all for writing a comment. It means a lot to me. There is something about being able to connect these download numbers to other actual “entities” that I prize. I have met a few of the listeners of my show and that is also quite the experience. To be honest I think the show is lacking due to my lack of knowledge of journalism and how to run an interview, regardless, I have a good time, the interviewees seem to have a good time, and people are listening, so I have that going for me.

    As for the metaphysics or nature of the being of EEs (enochian entities), I’m starting to think that they have some sort of abstract existence distinct from our own. If you want to get mystical you can say all is one, but what does that get you? At the same time, you don’t get much talking about in which mode they exist. A.C. states that a remarkable thing about this system is that it works! The calls actually seem to do something with a large majority of people who use them and explore and converse in this other place.

    I have attended a few enochian classes at the local OTO body and have had very interesting experiences every time. At the end there is a time for group sharing, and this is where it gets more interesting for me, as I get to hear the gory details of the visions of others. When there are striking similarities in the visions, or people see the same thing, this is when there appears to be an actual inter-subjective experience, and a different kind of connection is made.

    Seeing as how this show got the most comments to date, I may try to do more shows in regards to advanced enochian magick and to the history of the royal “ARTE”.

    Pisc, you brought up a question about Enochian magick seeming like it draws people in who want fast results in their practice. Who doesn’t want fast results! I don’t think that people will see rapid growth without real learning and initiations, in the loose sense of the word. Suffering, and pleasure are both required components of the quest. No shortcuts seem to exist.

    If you are suggesting that enochian magick is attracting lazy and undesirable people, then I would suggest that is good for lazy people to get a shock and awe to their soul via praetor human entities.

    Well enough for now, hopefully we can discuss this further in the comment thread.

  8. Frater C says:

    You’ll get better in time. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
    People go to school for broadcasting. It takes time & practice.
    Enjoy your journey πŸ™‚

    In regards to enochian magic, I don’t practice it anymore.

    In the beginning, I believed what people told me about it.
    I believed that they were “Angels”.

    Over the years, I came to the (my) conclusion that they are not “Angels”.

    Once I was sure of this, I stopped working with them.

    “By their fruits, ye shall know them”.

    I have seen the fruits of a lot of enochian magicians.

    Not so good on an auric level –
    god-complexes, ungroundedness (like Jason Newcomb’s extremely airy & ungrounded speech pattern), …

    I have seen the fruits of a lot of enochian entities:
    “Angels” shouldn’t harm one’s nervous system.
    “Angels” should bring inner peace, contentment, hapiness, …

    Commune with the Archangels/Angels of the Tree & the Shem ha-Mephoresh Angels, then compare those experiences with the enochian entities.

    Love & Inner Peace versus Visions, Fear, & Headaches?

    Magicians should know when enough is enough.

    LBRP, BRH, & MP (+meditation) is enough for inner peace, happiness, love, & Divine protection.

    God, HGA, Real Angels = what else does one need πŸ™‚

    Just my 2 cents. Have a good week.

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