OS podcast #6 Taylor Ellwood

On this podcast, Taylor and I discuss his books, space time magick, and Taylor’s magickal philosophy.
Taylor is the author of many books, which you can find here. http://www.thegreenwolf.com/taylorbooks.html
We also talk about Donald Tyson, Tarot, Taosim, Mantak Chia, and much more.


Here are links to the songs I used on the podcast.

St Valentin by ditto ditto

Broken (DURDEN version) by DURDEN

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3 Responses to OS podcast #6 Taylor Ellwood

  1. F.P.S.K. says:

    Hi ‘Joe’,

    I’ve written a review inclusive of the first 6 episodes here.


  2. Dave of PCP says:

    Regarding this episode in particular, I am coming from the opposite position of having my own techniques for stuff then coming across it in published form. It was definitely weird to see someone doing Space/Time magic with much the same general techniques I had come to use over a period of time. Granted, Taylor and I have our differences in technique (naturally) but it’s definitely interesting to see someone you never met came up with the same way of doing things metaphysically.

    Regarding your podcast in general – I love the premise (interviewing figures in the occult community). I really think you need to work on post-production though. It’s a bad thing when I turn up my speakers on my desktop to 100%, the system volume to 100%, iTunes to 100% and still can’t hear things after the first 2 minutes of the podcast. This episode and Episode 1 were the only two I was able to actually hear everyone for the duration of the podcast.

    If ya need some help with post-production, drop me an email – I have no problem sharing my techniques. If you are using Audacity 1.3x for post-production (if not, you should consider it), Leveller and Normalizer are your friends.

  3. Dear Mr. Dave of PCP.

    I appreciate the feedback. The past couple days I’ve been flooded with comments and love it.

    Quite interesting that you both have created similar techniques.

    Adobe audition is the tool I use. It is amazing for audio work. Audacity is ok, but for now I prefer cool edit’s older brother.

    The “car test” seemed fine on the last few episodes with the volume levels, The latest ‘cast seemed good to me as well. I’ll increase the gain levels on the next one even more to see if that helps people out.

    Please keep up the great work over at PCP. (great acronym btw)

    Thanks for the comments,

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