OS podcast #5 Lance Bauscher – Maybe Logic Academy

In this podcast Lance and I discuss The Maybe Logic Academy that he and Robert Anton Wilson started in the summer of 2004.

We also discuss the Deepleaf Audio production of “Illuminatus Part 1“. I purchased this a while back and really enjoyed it.

Part 2 seems to be for sale now, this is a new release.

Lance talks about his friendship with Bob and a couple other past projects he has been involved with.

You can find an interview of Lance Here from the R.U. Sirius podcast.

I’d like to solicit some feedback from the listeners out there. Skype me @ djninjastar. If you leave me an audio message, its possible I’ll play it on the air and comment. If you want to send in an email send one to podcast@eastern-syndicate.com. You can check out and comment on my blog at http://jmo137.blogspot.com/. Its not very well kept, so it should be great to criticize.


Here are some links I discussed on the show.


MaxFreakout’s Psychonautica.

Lorenzo’s Psychedelic Salon




Lasswell -Pink Clouds Reprise Mix

Andrew Maze – Identity of Self (Andrew MAze mix)

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One Response to OS podcast #5 Lance Bauscher – Maybe Logic Academy

  1. IAO131 says:


    Maybe Logic sounds great. Very interesting assortment of lecturers there. I hope RAW’s legacy lives on in whatever way.

    By the way, thanks for the plug in the show, I appreciate it. I’m glad you are liking the Journal and the forum. By the way, its “Volume 1, Number 2” as the formal name 😉

    Keep ’em comin’.


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