OS podcast #4 Christopher Penczak

On this Podcast I talk to Christopher Penczak. We discuss his new book

The Temple of High Witchcraft: Ceremonies, Spheres and The Witches’ Qabalah

Other things we discuss: Lineage, psychedelics, regular practice, and many other interesting things.

Christopher travels the US extensively, and I suggest checking out some of his classes or public rituals. Dates are listed on his website.

Opening Music: So Oh Fish Al (UBQ SweetSour Mix) by Da UBQ

Closing Music: Nadeya (Tribal Bump Mix) by Yellowjacket OSX


In the Lap of the Goddess Productions



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2 Responses to OS podcast #4 Christopher Penczak

  1. Raine Hill says:

    It’s always enlightening to attend a live lecture, class or even a podcast of this talented, highly-educated Witch (not to mention what his many books and CDs have done for my personal practice of Witchcraft!) He is a wonderful teacher and outstanding person. Thanks for posting this.

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