OS podcast #3 IAO 131

In the podcast IAO 131 and I discuss the new Journal of Thelemic Studies, Thelemic philosophy, psychology of Liber AL, and more great subjects. I hope you enjoy it.

The Journal of Thelemic Studies

IAO131’s website

Intro song Depart by Tekno Eddy

Closing song DNA Funkdafied Mix by Lasswell

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2 Responses to OS podcast #3 IAO 131

  1. Brian says:

    While I respect the work of IAO131 from a intellectual writer and composer of ideas… I’ve folowed his work throughout Thelemic communities and one thing that has repeated itself – and within the interview here (at about 10min into it) is his belief that the whole experience is psychological. I think this is a limited factor in Thelemic Magickians. In other traditions, there isn’t this idea that Magick is just “in the head” or to use Crowley’s own definition, that its’ simply “change in conformity to one’s will.”

    One example of this going to far to an extreme is Frater W.I.T. and his interview by John Crow. Here’s a great example of someone who so psychologized the magickal experience and entities interacted with that his experience seems lacking any reality or depth.

    Crowley believed in Past Lives… he believed it was possible to make contact with the dead (although he thought the common psychic a charlatan), he had many views that it wasn’t *all* in his head, as a psychological experience.

    While there is a psychology to it for sure, anything to an extreme causes an unbalance. I find those that believe it’s all in the head, such as the numerous posts by IAO131 on various boards, tend to be condescending to others’ personal reality of events. Time and time again, i see a magickian post “I performed this ceremony/ritual and this occured” and a person who thinks it’s 100% psychological will be incredibly negative to this person’s experience… almost demanding proof. It’s no wonder we keep our practice a secret, esp from those in the spiritual paths.

    I think Psychology has an aspect to it, just like the Tree of Life, is both a psychological model, and a real spiritual model. There is a Microcosm, and a Macrocosm. To say it’s all psychology, as it seems many in the Thelemic world are posting and suggesting, is a narrow view of only the microcosm. To say it’s all the macrocosm, is too open minded a view perhaps – crossing over into the New Age movement. But somewhere there’s a balance of Microcosm and Macro. Where one acknolwedges that Magick has a psychological aspect, but it also does in deed bring energies, entitites and other beings into one’s sphere of influence. Acknowledging both is an important key, that I think has been lost by many practioners.

    my two cents.

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