OS podcast #1, Greg of Occult of Personality – Manly Hall – Theosophical Society

On this podcast I speak with Greg of the podcast and website called Occult of Personality.

Greg gives us a biographical and bibliographical overview of Manly P Hall, a famous teacher and author. I do not believe a detailed biography has ever been written on Manly Hall, which makes the sketch of his life that we discuss more interesting to those interested in the lives of 20th century occultists. A short biography of his life can be found here.

We later discuss The Philosophical Research Society, Theosophy, Francis Bacon, Masonry, T Allen Greenfield, and many other interesting things. Please visit Greg’s site and listen to some of his podcasts. His podcasts and articles have been very valuable to me since I have found them.











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3 Responses to OS podcast #1, Greg of Occult of Personality – Manly Hall – Theosophical Society

  1. zeek says:

    Very good episode. Fascinating details. I hope you make more. The pace was just right and there were no superficialities. Allen Greenfield would be a perfect guest I think. He knows a lot about the history of magic. Would be a good show.

  2. Hi Zeek,
    Thanks for the comment. Its great that you enjoyed the podcast.
    Hopefully Allen would like to join me some day.

  3. Steve Mills says:

    Hey loved the podcast, had never gotten into Manly Halls work before, but might go check it out now after hearing this. Thanks for the great podcast.

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