Adam Sommer – 53 – Breathwork and Astrology

Adam SommerAdam and I are hosting a workshop on September 16,17 in Boulder CO. We plan to work with astrology and breathwork to get into some new and interesting areas of the inner lives of participants. Here is some info on the event.


As Above, So Below.
Wiser words have never been spoken.
This hermetic axiom is hugely important when one approaches both astrology and breathwork.
Have you ever wondered if there were “external” inflences on your life or on your vision quests? This workshop will help you get a bit closer to understanding how closely related the stars are to your own inner wisdom.

This workshop features both Astrology and Transpersonal Breathwork (Stan Grof Method).

Your facilitators will be Adam Sommer of Exploring Astrology with Adam Sommer and Joe Moore of Breckenridge Breathwork .
Friday we will have some introductory discussions about how breathwork experiences and astrology relate to each other. Saturday we will do breathwork accompanied by evocative music, expressive drawing and sharing circles for integration. Adam will be providing astrological insights to all related to their experiences during and after the drawing.

The workshop will run from 6-8p on Friday the 16th and 9-5 on Saturday the 17th.

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